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Identity and Goals

Who we are

Ceretis LLC is the US partner of Ceretis Ltd. Ceretis Ltd is a family run business established, in Paphos, Cyprus, in 2017. Two generations contribute to the success of our company. The concept at the beginning was to develop a unique product that is scientifically based and offers our customers real added value. This is how Renovare 500 was born.

It was particularly important to us to use high-quality raw materials and to be able to guarantee the excellent quality of our product. We work with reliable partners from all over the world to ensure that it stays that way.

Today we are proud of our constantly growing and loyal customer base. For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We receive a lot of positive feedback and are fully committed to increasing this number.

In 2021, we also wanted to offer our products on the American market and founded Ceretis LLC for this purpose. Ceretis LLC is working with American partners to ensure a successful start in the USA. We benefit from years of experience on the European market and existing know-how.

There will also be new things in 2022, as we have decided to expand our product range with other products made from medicinal herbs. We would like to continue to exploit the considerable untapped potential in the field of herbal medicine in the future.

Our values

What we believe in

Sustainable Growth

The Ceretis company wants to grow sustainably. This means that we always consider our decisions against the background of customer benefits and social aspects. The employees in our growing areas receive twice the average local wages so that they can lead a dignified working life.


Trust, honesty and commitment are values that we live by as a company. We want to create a solid foundation for the future of our company so that we can continue to grow successfully.


High quality products are our top priority. Our St. John's Wort meets the drug standard. Our Greek mountain tea comes from purely organic production. From this excellent raw material we produce an extract according to the highest quality standards. Our products are regularly tested by independent laboratories to guarantee consistently good quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the basis of our success. We want satisfied customers who can always turn to us. Our promise: we solve problems related to your purchase quickly and easily. That's why Ceretis has had a money-back guarantee since it was founded.